brp chiusura metallica capsula baby food
Customizable according to the specific needs of the customer and accompanied by a wide variety of lithographic decorations, relief prints and multiple colors.

Technical design


Baby Food BRP Closures are metal vacuum closures designed for press-on application and twist-off removal to ensure easy open and easy reseal. It is a high quality closure with the best oxygen barrier properties. The BRP Closure is able to protect freshness and extend shelf life for premium food segments and for market segments requiring exceptional standards, such as baby food jars. Superior tamper resistance and hygienic construction are achieved by an enlarged plastisol gasket side-wall. Customizable designs and available for pasteurized and sterilized (retort) processes.

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Sealing Gasket

Plastisol compound.
Enlarged gasket side wall.


All diameters and heights are available with safety button (vacuum indicator). The closures are compatible with GPI standards.