Continuous Thread – Aluminium Screew Cap

Continuous Thread – Aluminium Screew Cap

chiusura CT alluminio
Customizable according to the specific needs of the customer and accompanied by a wide variety of lithographic decorations, relief prints and multiple colors.

Technical design


The Continuous Thread Aluminum closures are characterized by an uninterrupted spiraling thread. Light in weight, this closure is the preferred choice of consumers and retailers who are highly focused on sustainability, recyclability and reuse of products and packaging. The organic aesthetic appeal provides a premium presence to the packaging besides preserving the quality of products thanks to the aluminium’s superior barrier qualities. Sud Capsule is able to produce innovative and customized sizes, shapes and profiles beyond the wide range of closures already available.

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Sealing Gasket

Any liner combination is available.
Liners can be selected for specific process or compatibility requirements.
Plastisol compound and Liner (expanded polyethylene foam including the following:
– Pulp/Poly, Pulp/Vinyl, Pulp/Aluminum, Pulp/Kraft)
– Pressure Sensitive & Heat Induction liners available


All diameters and heights are available with safety button (vacuum indicator). The closures are compatible with GPI standards.