Personalizzabile in base alle specifiche necessità del cliente e corredata da una ampia varietà di decorazioni litografiche, stampe a rilievo e colorazioni multiple.


  • Works with Twist-Off and Pry-Off universal applications
  • Usable on glass and aluminum bottles
  • No Sharp Edges
  • No Rust, no dust
  • Lower Head Pressure
  • Lower Removal Torque
  • Capping at Twice the Speed of ROPP’s
  • Ultralightweight
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Costs up to 25% less compared to other aluminum beverage closures
Other Features:
Lower capping head pressure (<350 SPI) facilities lighter and thinner bottles. Opportunity to reduce bottle weight by +20%. Aluminum eliminates the concern of rust and supports package sustainability.  SuperC requires less force to open. Never any rust, an industry wide problem with steel crowns.  Closure flute design eliminates crown dust and the risk of flavor or chemical particle floaters on beverage. SuperC provides improved packaging raw material sustainability. Runs on standard filling lines at conventional speeds. Will more than double speed of filling lines which currently run ROPP closures, at a lower overall cost! Seals at <350 PSI vs. steel crowns at >750 PSI. New sealing profile provides larger sealing surface to variations in bottle finishes, conditions and dimensions.

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Liner and coatings are pre-approved by major beverage bottlers (in use for several years). Liner approved for flavor testing. PVC and BPA free materials reduces FDA and EPA concerns.
PVC free liner and BPA free coatings make the package more consumer safe and environmentally friendly.


Tutti i diametri e le altezze sono disponibili con bottone di sicurezza (indicatore del vuoto). Le chiusure sono compatibili con gli standard GPI.