Riciclabile infinito INFINITELY RECYCLABLE Sustainable Metal Closures with a low environmental footprint for food, baby food and beverage Massima sicurezza THE HIGHEST CONSUMER SAFETY Protect the integrity and preserve the qualities of food and beverages for a long time Personalizzazione e impatto CUSTOMIZATION AND IN-STORE SHELF IMPACT Enhance product’ visibility and strengthen brand identity

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Metal closures for the food & beverage industry

Sud Capsule is specialised in the industrial production of metal closures for glass and plastic containers, which are widely used in the packaging of food and beverages.

Our commitment goes beyond excellent technical performance. We work with customers to create packaging solutions that reinforce brand identity, preserve product characteristics and ensure maximum consumer safety. We believe that packaging is an effective marketing tool and we are constantly working to develop more effective designs in line with the demands of the markets in which we operate.

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The Integrated Closure System







Metal Closures / Metal Lids for Food and Beverages

Available with litho applications, special finishes, perforation, low and high relief printing

Made of tinplate, it is the most popular and widely used metal closure for storing food and beverages in glass jars. Suitable for both hot and cold filling and compatible with pasteurisation and sterilisation processes.

It has always been used for home canning, guarantees its functionality and oxygen barrier capacity, is suitable for both hot and cold filling and is fully compatible with pasteurisation and sterilisation processes.

Aluminium capsule with “easy grip” design, widely used for hot and cold filling of foods such as vegetables, seafood and vegetables in oil, salt or vinegar. Can be customised to meet specific customer requirements.

Endlessly Recyclable Closures for the Circular Economy

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Tecnocap was once again cited among the most sustainable companies by winning the Cerved special mention and receiving the “Green” parchment, assigned to companies that have a sustainability report or a non-financial statement that refers to the guidelines of the GRI standards.

An elegant range of metal caps for vacuum packaging, featuring a sloping side profile that increases product differentiation on the shelf and ensures maximum airtightness. It is possible to customise colours and lithographic applications.

The rapid expansion of the “Premium” and “Bio” segments and the ever stronger push for customisation of packaging are opportunities for the development of new metal closures. Sud Capsule is always one step ahead in the search for innovative designs and special solutions that anticipate market trends.