Continuous Thread – Tinplate Screw Cap

Continuous Thread – Tinplate Screw Cap

capsula vite ct
Customizable according to the specific needs of the customer and accompanied by a wide variety of lithographic decorations, relief prints and multiple colors.

Technical design


Old fashioned style and excellent sealing properties for extended shelf life. The Continuous Thread (CT) is a metal closure characterized by uninterrupted spiraling thread. CT Closures are widely used for food, cosmetics and personal care. They are compatible with vacuum and non-vacuum packing applications and available in a wide range of diameters, heights and profiles.

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Sealing Gasket

Any liner combination is available.
Liners can be selected for specific process or compatibility requirements.
Plastisol compound and Liner (expanded polyethylene foam including the following:
– Pulp/Poly, Pulp/Vinyl, Pulp/Aluminum, Pulp/Kraft)
– Pressure Sensitive & Heat Induction liners available


All diameters and heights are available with safety button (vacuum indicator). The closures are compatible with GPI standards.